Sewing with My Daughter

I feel very lucky to have two kids with a diverse range of interests. This means that while one will like to hike, the other might want to stay at home and find something to do. This can lead to me brainstorming on how to help them fill their time. As a mother, I feel a bit of a duty to introduce them to the finer things in life. I want them to grow up to be well rounded adults who know how to fill their time. You never know when a hobby will lead to a money-making venture as well.

That’s why I bought my teenage daughter a sewing machine for Christmas. Found a good one for a beginner at The inspiration came to me because I wanted to see her do something unique with her time. I feel like she’s interested in fashion and she can learn to sew some basic things for herself. It’s not because I’m a cheap mom. I’ve always budgeted enough for their clothing needs. I let her splurge on brands. However, I want her to learn the joy of creation.

My teenage daughter just let the box sit for a while. She was very polite when she received the gift though. For me, that was one step in the right direction of helping her learn sewing for beginners. It wasn’t until Halloween came around the next year that she really starting moaning about the selection in the stores. She either found the costumes too boring or too expensive.

Being the problem solver that I am, I suggested that we could sew a costume together. I know she would need some guidance, so I decided to set aside some time to help her. She wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel, so we settled on a lot of vinyl costuming that would fit just right. I know, I’m a bold person, but I have a lot of experience sewing, so I knew I could do it. Even if she just watched me, it would be a great way to get her into fittings and just the general roll of things.

We went to the fabric store together, and that was a fun time. She liked the fact that I was willing to run with her risqué vision. I did end up doing a lot of the work and research. However, she still found the patterns that she wanted, so it was a joint effort. We slaved away for a while in our lab. There were plenty of coffees and milkshakes to be had.

Eventually, we came up with enough for her to feel like she was in a costume. She had CA on her chest, so it was a little bit of a hint for those who would choose to guess. All in all, she was happy with the result and I was happy to get her introduced to her machine and the mechanics of it a bit more. I’m guessing that she’ll be pulling it out more often in the future too.