Creating a Teen Space

Relating to teens has been given a lot of ink over the years–more advice than you can imagine or even want. If you have the inkling of a communication problem, it is not a waste of time to peruse some of this material. I, for one, belief in close contact and lots of coordinated activities. You don’t need a stringent schedule as long as what you plan is binding. Families bond over little things that take place in the basement from watching movies and TV to doing crafts. While parents are not always welcome, as kids want their own space, there are times when it just feels right for all parties concerned.

The basement is an ideal place for regular family congregation. You don’t have to constantly labor to keep it neat and it can house all kinds of games and supplies. Be sure to have some cabinets or closets built conveniently along a free wall. You want your teens to enjoy what they do and aspire to return often. Sports if a good way to engender compliance with a family night in. With a few comfy sofas and squishy chairs, you can convert your netherworld into a great hangout.

Most basements are a bit dank and some have been known to show mildew and mold. There might be a need for some basic do-it-yourself remodeling. You can secure cracks in windows and doors, repair walls and ceilings, and give the place a good overhaul visually with moisture-proof paint. The floor, if it is cold concrete, can be adorned with laminate or carpeting, both water resistant. The whole gang can get in on the job and enjoy the fruits of communal labor.

While you are at the hardware store getting supplies, let me give you a piece of advice. It is about something not at all obvious. A good dehumidifier can add comfort during summer to combat moisture while a humidifier, the companion appliance, can impart moisture to dry winter air. This duo should be on your list, preferably a dehumidifier with a 70-pint capacity that will suit an average basement space.

These units need not be a mystery. They are easy to select from available sizes, tote home, install, and enjoy. Air quality changes and you can keep ahead of it by alternating your appliances. They are large enough to handle the capacity of a good size basement, but small enough to be portable and use elsewhre. They can run for hours on one tank to get that downstairs space ready for recreational fun. Those who own them are adamant about their use. Once in place, you will never want to do without them.

Top-rated items can be purchased in specialty stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s or on line. Prices are comparable but research on the Internet may yield the best deal. Your part of the country may experience more humidity than dryness, and you can narrow down your choices. If you need both, the outlay will be well spent.